Hi 👋.

Currently Chief Quant Engineer at Aphelion Holdings.


Chief Technology Officer at Beginning Boutique

Technical Director at VMLY&R

Technical Lead at Black Milk Clothing

Technical Lead GPY&R

Software Engineer at Newlight Media

I am currently available for consulting.


$400 AUD per hour. The rate is non-negotiable. All time needs to be booked in advance. I will require half down, upfront. Minimum of 5 hour ($2,000) commitment. Currently I am limited to 30 hours per week, however more hours may be possible upon request.



Before any work starts you will need to sign my consulting agreement. It has a confidentiality agreement included as I prefer not to sign NDA's. If this is a requirement for you, there is a $5,000 fee to sign your NDA.


  • Full stack software engineering
  • Blockchain applications
  • Smart contracts (solidity)
  • Quantitative finance
  • Financial data science and predictive modelling
  • Financial technical indicator engineering
  • Native iOS, OSX and Android applications
  • Web applications
  • Shopify business development
  • Shopify theme and app development
  • API architecture & information design
  • E-commerce consulting
  • ERP project management & implementation
  • User experience consulting
  • Server & network engineering
  • Information & server architecture

Preferred Software Stacks

I prefer to engineer everything myself, from provisioning / engineering the server infrastructure, to writing the API's, to the front ends.

  • Elixir/Phoenix/Postgres for full stack applications
  • Python for quantitative finance, machine learning, data science
  • Rust/Go where performance matters
  • Swift for iOS
  • Kotlin for Android
  • Typescript, SASS and HTML
  • Ethers for Web3, Solidity for smart contracts, Go/Rust for blockchain
  • Hardhat & Foundry are my preferred Web3 stacks

Skills & Experience

Elixir / Phoenix

A functional programming language used to create software, web applications / API's.


Data science & quantitative finance. Pandas, Tensor Flow, PyTorch, Flask, FastAPI, SciPi, Numpy, OpenCV, Jupyter, Backtrader & Streamlit.


TradingView's technical indicator scripting language.


When low level performance & safety matters.

Ruby / Rails

Ruby / Rails to power web applications & APIs.

Objective C / Swift

Used to create native iOS / OSX applications.

Java / Kotlin / Scala

Used to create native Android & cross platform applications.


Used when multiple platforms, scalability and requests-per-second matter.


Postgres, TimescaleDB, MySQL, GraphQL, SQL Server, MongoDB.


Liquid theme & app development.

React Native

Used for smaller, MVP style apps where cost savings matter.


Used to provide web applications & API's. Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal.

Javascript / Typescript

Used for web applications, APIs and provide UI's. Vue, React, Angular, Ionic, RxJS, Node, Keystone, Express, Web3, Ethers.

AWS Engineering

Used for infrastructure. VPC's / Lambda / EC2 / SES / SQS / Route53.

Web Development

HTML5, Pug, SASS, Webpack, Parcel, Gulp